Quartet Corner

     May 2011 

 This month we take a close look at the new CD by Second Chance. Second Chance hales from Omaha, Nebraska. Yes, there are good gospel quartet groups in Nebraska.  And, Second Chance is proof that quartet gospel is alive and well in Nebraska.This group has been singing good quartet gospel music since 2001. The members of the group are Courtney Jackson , Sherwin Hattix , Barry Williams, Tronell Hattix, & Tommy Jackson, James White, Aaron Moment, & Jessie Wallace.
There are a few groups in quartet gospel that really recognize the benefit of positive self-promotion. Second Chance is one such group. They will keep you abreast of what is happening with the group. They will immediately inform you of milestones accomplished by the group. Courtney Jackson of Second Chance ensures that the group name, music and activities are always before the public. That is one reason we are excited about reviewing their new CD.
This is the group’s sophomore project. In 2004, they released the well received CD titled Judge Not.  Their Judge Not CD was described as delivering a “blend of contemporary and quartet and with a little old school seasoning.”  The same can be said of the new CD.
Get Right is a continuation of the great music presented with their first CD. In fact, four of the songs from their freshmen project are on the new CD, “Jesus Is My Friend,” “Judge Not,” “Let’s Praise The Lord,” and “Ready.”
With fourteen songs on the new CD, there is a good mix of new material. Songs like “Smoothing,” “It’s Alright,” “When I Rose,” and “God Wouldn’t Let Him” are sure to get the attention of Radio Angels across the country.
The guys have also called upon several guest artists for this project.  From The Williams Singers of Indianapolis, Indiana, there is Darnell Williams on “It’s Alright” and “God Wouldn’t Let Him.” From the Jones Family Singers from Texas, there is Alexis Jones-Roberts on “Jesus Is My Friend.” There is Pastor Dr. Leroy E. Adams, Jr. on “Please Lead Me” and “Wait On Jesus.” And, John Colbert shares lead duties on “Pray On.”
The other song on the project is “He’s There.”  Like all of the songs on this project, there is a message that will minister to you. However, “He’s There” sums up the message of the entire project.  Just listen to the words to the song. “Don’t you worry, don’t you fret, he’ll be right there, don’t be afraid, don’t be dismayed, he’ll make away” – after all God is always with us.  He’s There!

No matter what your musical taste in quartet gospel is, there is a song on this project for you. The guys masterfully showcase their ability to handle ballads, upbeat tempo songs and even the ‘drive’ songs. In fact, there are songs on this project that choir directors may introduce to their choir.  Listen closely to “God Wouldn’t Let Him.” Can’t you just envision a choir singing this song? The background arrangement is just right for a choir.

Overall this is a very good project by Second Chance.  You should be able to find this CD in your local record store.  We give Second ChanceGet Right a 9 out of 10.


***Review by Gloryland Gospel***